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  1. Yet another case where they really need to tell the person exactly what it was that caused the ban. That ban message should be bigger and should include a screenshot of whatever it was that caused the ban (like words in chat or a base layout), along with a more detailed canned answer (perhaps that the support person selects from a list).

    I have a sneaking suspicion that when a support person bans someone for bad behavior, the user interface they use is so poorly designed that they have to enter in the player tag by hand, so a typographical error could lead to banning the wrong account. That would explain a lot of these reports that we see.

  2. These bans aren’t automatic, after a certain amount of reports a mod or helper will look at it and decide if the reports are fair/correct. (You could also get picked out because certain words are on a list) They dividend to ban you so there must have been something wrong. If it was your username or base design you would get a message that you have to change it. If it was something you said in chat, clan description or clan message you get a temporary ban. This could have been a while ago.

  3. if youre in a clan that has offensive name or description that can cause a ban for all members but i am guessing thats a long shot

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