Max th11 here. May I ask, what is wrong with using goblins?

I always use a full goblin army to farm, and it is the reason why I got to th11 real fast. Yet, there are th9’s in my clan who are shitting on me for using goblins.

Are goblins hated by a lot of people in the coc community?

I just find it funny how they are barely progressing with their base compared to mine, yet they are telling me how to farm.

What should I say to those a holes who are talking shit about goblins?

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  1. The only times I’ve seen goblins get hate is when they get donated in cc requests when they’re not specifically asked for

  2. Honestly..? Sounds like you need to find another clan, mate. It’s none of their business telling another member how to play the game unless it affects the clan itself.

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