New Heroine ( Ghost Guardian ) : Ghost Guardian is probably the scariest and the most mysterious heroine of all time. Unlike her minions, she isn’t fragile to sunlight, so she don’t need any armor like P.E.K.K.A. suit to cover herself. Scientist couldn’t find a way to counter her after she grabs her target in her chains. Surprisingly, she is always happy and friendly around some nature.

[Gameplay : She has a long range to target somebody, swing her chains and catch the enemy with it. If it is a troop, she pulls it towards her. If it is a building, she pulls herself towards the building. No matter what it is, she ignores walls during her pull, she swings her icy sword through them and slows what she grabbed with her chains for some time. However, when she don’t have anything to pull in her range, she gets so sad for being alone that she forgets she can go through walls and start going around / attacking them. She has a one use ability just like most of the heroes.](

[Ability ( Ice Sword ) : The Ghost Guardian stabs her sword into the ground, recovering a large amount of health and freezing surrounding enemies. A group of invisible bats also appear to scare her enemies even more! There is even a rumor about her ability blooming some flowers after her ability, but nobody was able to tell the others after finding out !](

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