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  1. After the war, please post a screenshot or replay with your result in the comments of this post. Tag the person that gave the advice to let them know how it went!

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  2. Guaranteed 2 star is 1 golem, 2 pekkas, 12 valks, 7 wizards, a handful of wallbreakers, heroes, two rages, one heal, two jumps, one freeze. Clear outer obstacles w/ wizards, then just bumrush the base with everything else. Upon entry place a rage then place a jump so they can get over the walls into the TH compartment. Should be pretty easy to score 50% after that, and if you’re lucky, you might get a 3 star.

    I’d also attack from the bottom. Valks will easily clear all those defenses before they can even get a shot if they’re enraged. Jump potion should get them past walls.

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