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  1. I don’t have much but you want to use the crap out of the Townhall boost, Try to upgrade your Barracks then find a strategy like dragons or hogs and it’s not hard to constantly keep your money full if your dedicated, always have your builders working and gl!

  2. zap dragon is a very powerful attack at th7, i was at 6 and went to 7 spring last year, and decided to rush to 9 then to 11. i’d recommend you try it out, because when i was using it I was crushing many th7 bases but dragons are slow so they need some strategy, basically just keep them relatively spread out and try to get key defenses taken out, in order from air defenses, to air sweepers, and archer towers. archer towers aren’t the biggest deal but they can take out dragons in a timely manner if you let them. th7 bases with air defenses next to each other are the most vulnerable because two defenses can be destroyed with the price of one. also if you do try this out and you like it you could also take whatever other troops or spells you want. 3 star attacking higher town halls gets a bit harder and more complicated but that isn’t really until town hall 10 or even 9.

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