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[MISC] The Donation Poem – How to request CC troops like a bard

[MISC] The Donation Poem – How to request CC troops like a bard

Sitting on my chair, feeling farmy
heroes are awake, cooked up an army
let’s grab some loot, cheap fast and easy,
let’s just quickly fill up that cc

I send a request out to the clan,
some support to carry out the plan.
It is time for troops to march,
won’t you support me with a barch?

Perhaps giant firebreathing lizards,
or some hooded pyromaniac wizards,
perhaps some giants, slowly hobblin’
or a greedy sneaky goblin

Give me a cranky baby dragon,
along with massive wall wrecking wagon
Send me some hogs with their big shiny hammers,
to garrison inside my max stone slammers

Send me creepy and spooky witches
or those oversized-axe wielding bitches
Send me an edrag with the chain lightning,
dies in a thunderstorm, oh so frightening.

Don’t you forget to send me some minions,
Got gold to raid somewhere in the millions
Your headhunters will take out their heroes,
as the loot remaining drops to just zeroes

Send me a pekka, shiny and pretty,
or even a fuzzy baby-throwing yeti
Send me bowlers throwing rocks so round,
or even a flaming lava hound.

Send me miners to dig a tunnel
or a siege barracks to create a funnel.
For some tanking, a golem would be nice,
I’m not picky, so normal or ice.

To top it all off, do send a rage spell,
to enter the core and raise insane hell.
In fact, I shall even take a freeze,
donate me one, if you so please.

Off we go to show off our mettle,
Onward we ride, straight to battle,
We quest to a village that’s far
to bring home a glorious 3 star.

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