At first I liked the idea of a second base to maintain to kill time, but once I hit BH5, it got painful. The fact that you can only get loot once a day is terrible, I’m only BH5 and I typically have to wait 2-3 days just to get enough resources for 1 upgrade.

Like I said, I am BH5, not even fully upgraded in 5 yet, and every single versus battle I get is against a BH7. Like, does the game think that’s even remotely fair? Anytime I win a few and get close to 2000 trophies, the game is like, “Oh no no no, back down you go” and I get 8 battles against BH7 and it just forces me to plummet and get smaller bonuses, slowing me down even more.

Is it supposed to be this slow or am I doing something wrong?

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