I’m sorry for this post, but I just had to get it out.
I dislike the person who had the idea of getting rid of Global chat in Clash of Clans.

Once very active clans with several people on CoC at a time (all the time) are now usually dead with either only 1 or a few more people at a time. Global chat made clan active.

Back when Global chat existed, my clan had many active people in the 10’s. And this was consistently all the time. So obviously, people were staying on CoC for a decent amount of time and everyone was on at least once a day.
Now that Global is gone, it’s usually just at 1. Sometimes 2 or 3. Comes to a 4 or 5 once in a while too. In war moments max 9. But still, that’s only once in a while. Usually it’s just 1 or 2 ?

I really hope the people at Clash of Clans can add a Global chat which also deals with the reason for which they got rid of it before. A better Global chat. It’s definitely possible.

Anyway, I’m just leaving this here. Idk what happens next ?.

And do note, this isn’t the only thing I need to talk to Clash of clans creators about. As a leader and an owner of several accounts, I have lots of complains.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love the game. Clash on ??

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  1. Yeah, the new clan finder sucks, and when i invite people with it, nobody joins. Im not even sure if it works

  2. There are other resources out there for recruitment, CWL, and even for clan games.

    Discord, forums etc.

    Global was filled with toxic trash and generally had bad players; only thing good was ease of use.

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