I’ve been using mass miners with a queen walk 3 heals 1 rage. i don’t get what i’m expecting out of it. please help and tell me how to use my troops correctly.

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  1. I did use mass miner back when i was th10, the training time is really fast, but the elixir is really expensive..

    Since then, i switch to mass baby drag, full lightning (to destroy AD)until now (th12), and just spam them. It’s good because most of the time i only need to use around 60-70% of the troop to get 50% 1☆

    Edit: to use baby dragon just deploy them normally, but make sure to keep distance between one baby and another so that they will deal higher damage, rather than just deploying them close to each other…

  2. I use the same miner army as in the trainer. Works very reliably for me, even without king. The key is to clear one side of the base with the queen and wizards before sending in the miners. Their AI is similar to barbarians: they go for the nearest building. That being said, if you use them you gotta anticipate where they’re going with the horde, and when the horde will split off.

  3. just do 40 miners 5 heal, that is better because it is quicker, and because you need to upgrade heroes too

  4. I’m currently a th11 and I’ve been using the same strat since th10, which is gibarch. I use 20 giants and half archers half barbs for the rest of the space after the giants. I also use 2 jump spells, two rage, a heal and a freeze. I’ve stayed in upper crystal to low masters which is where I’m able to find a lot of dead bases with an upward of 700k each every time.

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