Hey awesome redditors. It’s been a while since we did one of these. So let’s just get right to it.

I’ve started this thread so you can start posting questions. It’s currently 6:30pm in Helsinki. Once it hits 7pm I will start responding to questions.

Just a few things to bear in mind:

* Try to read if your question has already been asked and answered. I tend to skip duplicate questions.
* Please be patient. I can be rather long-winded in my responses so I will try to get through as many as possible.
* Be nice. Troll or obnoxious questions that try to be edgy or mean will be skipped as well.

Additionally, I will keep going until either my brain or fingers shutdown. That usually takes a couple hours so we’ll keep the party going until 9pm and then see where we are then. I might take the occasional rest but if I do, I will post it here to let you know that I’m taking a few minute breather.

See you folks soon!

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  1. Hey darian, thanks for doing another ama.


    Q:1 Is there plans to bring in a new recruitment system or is sc still trying to better it?

    Q:2 Will sc ever remake the video “ 5 Years of Destruction! “ ( The video ). I think it would be a cool thing to remake on clash of clans 10th year. Seeing the vast difference throughout the years.

    Q:3 Any plans to reduce cost/upgrade time? For me atleast 2-3 weeks for upgrades is getting slightly excessive and going further than that. I can’t imagine many players will be very excited to grind it out. Especially casual players.

    Q:4 Currently, Do you think the game is balanced ? I’ve heard quite a lot of complaints saying th13 is too easy.

    Q:5 Any plans to add family clans features ? Like a way to add other clans to chat, white list/ black list players etc.

    Q:6 Has a complete remake/ sequel to clash of clans ever been considered?

    Q:7 Is sc more focused on bringing more tasks, events and in general things to do during the game or are they more focused on bringing new content like troops ,spells ,defenses etc?

    Q:8 Are you able to provide any details on what the priorities are/what is being worked on for 2021

    Q:9 How is the cost/ sell price of magic items determined?

    Q:10 Is there a reason as to why all the hammers cost 120 medals ,but the hero hammer is 165 and the opposite happens for books? All the books are 925 gems, but the hero book is set at 500 gems.

  2. Hello Darian. Thank you for doing this AMA. Below are my questions:

    Question 1: Is the maximum Experience level, which currently is level 500, gonna be increased any time soon?

    Question 2: If there’ll be more than 100 buildings after TH14 update, how will % be calculated? What about bases that have the 6th builder compared to the bases that don’t?

  3. Hello darian,thank you for doing this QnA session.my question is that Will supercell bring back events like hammer jam,build has left the village etc.it would be great if supercell brings back these kinds of events

  4. • Do Barbarians dream of Electro Dragons?

    • Why did the Miner cross the road?

    • When is the next update?

  5. Apart from Supercell games, which other mobile games do you like as a gamer? Also, which game development company would you rate as the biggest competitor(in a good way, of course) of Supercell?


  6. I have more question , but thought I’d separate them.


    Q:1 Will sc ever remove the “ Tap or press and hold to deploy “ message when raiding? It’s very useless and it’s annoying in certain languages. Takes up a good chunk of the screen in Russian.

    Q:2 Is there still no plans with builder base? I believe the last time you said anything about builder base was 3 months ago and you basically said there’s still nothing planned.

    Q:3 In an interview with galadon around 11 months ago you said “ Part of it is as we see a lot of activity of a lot of players returning a lot of them are coming back to their old clans” In response to why sc hasn’t added a clan name change. Has this changed, Is there a still a high amount of players returning? If not is sc planning or at least considering adding it?

    If you’d like the full context here’s the video . Skip to 15:49

    Q:4 In the same answer you also said “ because you can’t really search by a particular player just yet” is this something that could actually be added a way to search by players?

    If you’d also like full context for this as well look at video I linked above. This quote starts at 16:24

    Q:5 Is there a reason to why clans that have already maxed out clan games have to wait until clan game ends to redeem the rewards? If not could this be changed? I’d like to get my rewards quicker.

    Q:6 In the same interview with galadon he pitched you an separate section in the shop were you buy obstacles with legend league trophies. At the end of your answer you said” but, I think it’s an idea that does have some merit and all I can do is to present it to the team” did you present to the team and is there possibility we could see this any time soon?

    You can find the full answer here skip to 9:30

    Q:7 How is the most heroic defense/ attack determined?

    Q:8 Is there any random fun fact of clash that you know of that most don’t?

    Q:9 As my final question I’d like to as you if you could explain the choice of sc censoring the whole clans chat when a kids account join?

    And, thank you for taking your time to answer the communities questions.

  7. Thanks for doing this!

    Couple of questions from my side

    1) Super troops – Can you tell us a little bit about how the concept came about and how much inspiration is derived from elsewhere like the builder base / clash Royale? Also, can we expect the list to keep growing to the point where almost all regular troops will have a super variant?

    2) QOL changes for fc – I think it’s been great that SC have allowed us to create custom armies. Can we expect further QOL improvements in this area? Probably something frequently asked is allowing people to add custom cc troops for fc, but something I would love to see added is a lockdown threshold of sorts to the defenders base where say 5 or so changes to the layout can be allowed without the 24hr lockdown. This will allow base creators to test minor variants based on fc attacks without needing to wait 24hrs.

    3) AI – A while back an AI change was tested to go with rule of 5, but shortly after reverted back to rule of 3. Is there any place to reintroduce this? Builder base in particular still has some very wonky ai.

  8. Hey Darian, thanks for hosting the ama!

    Just one question, what’s your plan for TH14 in terms of a built in weapon?

    I’ve seen all sorts of crazy things on the internet like a built in eagle, which I assume wont ever happen but still. I know it must be extremely difficult, as it has to in theory be ‘better’ than the giga inferno, but I’m not sure how that would work in terms of being balanced.

    And thanks for answering in advance!

  9. Hello, here some important questions

    What can we expect from the update this year, apart from super troops and rh14?

    What can we expect in the next update, apart from new supertroops?

    When things are reworked like Revenge Button, Recruitment Tool or Clan perks?

  10. Will there be more crossovers like Logmas and lost and crowned with clash royale this year. Also can we expect in future a multi verse level crossover with brawl stars or any non supercell game.

  11. The epic winter challenge was really very epic, I have to say clash youtubers got more viewers on their epic winter challenge video than even on their sneak peek video. So can we expect such challenges in future. If yes is this replacement for goblin maps or will we see new goblin maps .Also where is goblin king, last I saw him was 8/9 years ago.

  12. Is there any plans to remove loot cap in builder base or atleast increase the number of attacks for higher builder hall level or a magic item which gives us extra 3 attacks,I personally feel the loot we get is not enough for higher builder hall.

  13. Can we expect a goblin map maker where community can make goblin maps and clash team can check them and add it to the game.

  14. Q. Can we get stones respawning in the base? If not generally then just a kind of event or something. It’s not like they represent the same value as old special obstacles; every new account gets them unlike old special obstacles.

  15. Will there be a Clash of Clans World Championship this year, and if so, can we expect some news about it soon?

  16. is there any plans to introduce a resource sink for maxed out builder base players ,which should be easier to implement in builder base as there is no loot cycle in builder base .

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