Hear me out, after getting the sixth builder, I really don’t care about Builder Hall anymore, like it means nothing to me. There’s nothing else I can gain from it at this moment that would benefit me. What I’m proposing is something similar to that of the OTTO. People with decent BH’s are normally TH10+ where the laboratory really starts to choke down your upgrades. I feel like everything gets pushed but the lab which seems kind of unfair to me.

What I’m proposing would add value back to the BH for the immediate future, while also rewarding you for doing so. I’m proposing that once you max out all of the troops in your laboratory, the “Lab” should be open to your normal TH troops. Once all
troops have been maxed out, you’d have the option to gear up the Laboratory and the giant telescope would be replaced with a giant antenna, which would be for transmitting the data back to the home base. The home base Lab would have a gear up as well available at TH10, and only when the BH gear up is done. You would be able to research any troop/spell in the BH Lab for a max elixir storage of 5 Million. All upgrades would match the time of their original ones, and maybe as a side gig, you can make it so that either the OTTO or Master Builder has to be assigned to the Lab to transmit the data.

This would increase the Builder Hall activity again, while also having some level of a reward for players. Because right now a lot of my friends have the BH with the OTTO maxed out, but no one touches it anymore. I’m sure you could introduce cooldown times or even other caps like your buildings need to be “X” level to upgrade certain troops.

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