Looking for more opinions on this, but wouldn’t it be cool to have a clan base?

I know this idea was frequently made and said “don’t post often” but, my idea is slightly different. So what I want to do is go to war with our clan bases, basically have a war with your singular clan base.

This is a base that the clan would donate resources on together and the members of the clan could build. (Maybe Elder+ so no easy griefs) This base could also go to war versus other clan bases where it is attacked by an A.I wither the same troops.

Basically everyone in the clan can donate gold, elixir, and DE to the base so that it can upgrade. Elders+ can start the upgrades on the base. The only thing that I don’t know how would work is the amount of builders the base has. Maybe the amount of base wars that it has won determines the amount of builders it can have at one time.

Thanks for reading.

Edit: Grammatical errors go poof

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