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  1. Sui hero LaLoon should work.
    Lure the CC with a few balloons, pull it near enemy queen with archer/minions on unprotected stuff. Then get your heroes to kill enemy queen, cc, and AD (you will need a poison, some wallbreakers and maybe a freeze on enemy CC, just to be sure).
    After that deploy your laloon from 12 o’clock counter clockwise, you’ll need 3 hounds for it (or 2, if you take a stronger one in your CC) the rest of your army is loons and 5-6 minions for cleanup. Obviously support your loons with haste spells.

    Alternatively, hogs instead of laloon should work too, not as effectively, but easier to do if you are not good with loons.

    Mass witches are also an option, if you can get bowlers. Just have 2 golems tank in front, the line of witches behind, wall-break and 2 jumps to open up the center and leave it once it cleared, rage + heal + poison to help in the middle. Your heroes are quite low, so it might not work without bowlers and a good funnel, but still an option.

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