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  1. My advice is to push now. You don’t automatically get enrolled in LL when you hit 5K trophies. You won’t be able to attack regularly until you dip below 5K, but you still get the badge, and then it’s just a matter of trophy management.

    So you can push up to 5010 for instance, wait to get attacked to drop you back to the high 4900s, push back above 5k again, etc. Then when you are within a couple hours of the end of season, make your final push above 5K. If you have any revenge battles available (unlikely at that trophy range but worth checking) you can get even higher. Use the two hour guard if you need to, and then you’ll get trophies based on how far above 5K you are.

    I used this technique to get the LL banner in my profile back when I was TH11, and had about 60 trophies after a couple of seasons. The advantage to this as an 11 is you can spend a long term searching bases at that TH level and trophy range, so it takes some stress off to always be within one good attack of 5K.

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