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  1. Honestly, I think it would look cooler if the lights had different brightnesses. Or even if the auras around each light had different sizes. I think that it would look more natural that way. If you look up at the sky, you’ll notice that each star has a different size and brightness. They’re not all the same. If the boulders on the west side were a bit more scattered, that would look cool too. Right now, it just looks like a grid, which is something that never occurs naturally. Maybe have different sized boulders. Maybe you could have some boulders closer to each other and others farther away. You also need more clusters of glowing mushrooms. Right now, they look sprinkled everywhere. Maybe clusters of 3-5 mushrooms would look better than just a sole mushroom in a field. More violets, purples and blues look better. The pink, green and blue kind of clash. Even varying shades or tints of each color would work (darker greens mixed in, lighter blues mixed in, etc.)

    You need more “stuff!” A camp, outpost, or even an enchanted lantern looks cool. If you look at the other village skins, there are TONS of easter eggs and little details. A little goblin or haunted gnome somewhere would enhance it. Even a hole in the ground looks good. The ground looks too clean. Some foliage on the ground such as sticks or leaves or small rocks will enhance that. Glowing eyes add a little spice to your render. Fallen trees, broken rocks and stumps are more natural. Some kind of body of water would help. A flowing river or stream, or even a lake with a cursed ferryman such as [Charon]( could enhance your render too. You could even add a bridge! Ruins or an abandoned building/hut/shack adds a little flair.


    Here are some pictures for inspiration:

    [Enchanted Mushrooms](

    [Glowing Mushrooms](

    [Glowing Mushrooms 2](

    [Glowing Forest](

    [Fantasy Night Forest](


    Overall, your picture looks fantastic! Good luck! 🙂

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