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[MISC] Prevent your account from being hacked when sharing screenshots.

[MISC] Prevent your account from being hacked when sharing screenshots.

Hi, I just want to help everyone out by advising you do the following if you are to share any screenshots of your Clash of Clans Base on any social media:
– Cover up the following:
– Your Username
– Gem Count
– Trophy Count
– Resources in Storages
– Number of builders
– XP Level
– Clan Name

If you are wondering why I would advise this it is because it is possible for hackers to gain access to your accounts if they know information about it (for example username, gems, trophies, etc.)

DISCLAIMER: These methods are not going to make your base completely hack proof, also I have never actually heard of anyones account being hacked like this, however it is better to take these precautions as trying to gain access to your hacked account is very difficult and you may potentially be locked out of it forever.

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  1. cheeseynoodles1

    Or just cover up what they actually ask that’s base related not including the Th. That would be player name, player xp level, and clan name .

  2. NoobyDubzy

    cant it be just username? and clan name

  3. -------kovh

    Trophy count and resource count dont matter cuz they constantly change

  4. RowOk3530

    Source: just trust me bro


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