This thought usually pops up in my head when I’m going on a “Next”ing button binge.

But it would be cool if Supercell made a dozen or so unique challenging AI bases and they would appear at random while searching for bases.

They could be easy and just goofy looking making them fun to attack, or they could be challenging and have awesome prizes, like troop boost or lab potion.

Maybe somehow they could tie them into the daily challenges or clan games.

And then to prevent people from constantly searching them out, they could tie their likelihood of appearing into the star bonus. Like for instance, if you finish 3-star bonuses then you have the chance of having one of these bases appear.

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  1. I like the sound of this, however I would say have it as a separate mode like the current goblin map. Maybe have some special ones every day repeating in a random cycle or something. Just making it so it doesn’t get annoying for trophy pushers for example

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  3. I think throwing in bases while looking for farm can be annoying, especially if I’m just dropping cups with goblins with no heroes. I would like it more as a temporary event, kind of like they did last month: you where given an army of ice golems with ice wizards and a few ice hounds. And you had to 3-star a base to get builder potions I believe? I loved that very much, and actually figured out how to 3-star myself.

    I would absolutely love to see more of that, but maybe with the ability to change your army. Maybe make 3 bases per month, each getting progressively harder. The last one can be like a tournament, so that, for instance, 1% of players who cleared it in the fastest time get gems or something else that is actually good.

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