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[IDEA] Ideas for new super troops + siege

[IDEA] Ideas for new super troops + siege


Super hog rider: A super troop where the hog has a metal helmet with tusks that targets defenses as a single target, while the rider uses a spin attack similar to a Valkyrie with his oversized Warhammer.

Super Loon: Like normal loons but instead of dropping bombs, they have a continuous fire attack like a roaster. They essentially are flying roasters that fly from defense to defense, roasting everything in their way. They will stop at defenses until the defense is destroyed but will fly over other buildings, damaging them on the way

Super Healer: Can heal air as well as ground units OR heals units in a circular radius, like a Grand Warden aura but smaller

Super Miner: Miners riding excavator drills. They work as normal but also cause an earthquake effect while moving underground

Super Pekka: A dual wielding beserker Pekka. Smaller but faster

Super golem: does splash damage. Basically a walking crusher

Super dragon: Fires a beam of fire that will target another building if the damage of the beam is greater than the remaining HP of the building and the current target is destroyed

Super Yeti: Yetimites jump at defenses automatically, while the yeti focuses on whatever is ahead

Super Bowler: Extra bounces OR throws a bomb that explodes after the first bounce

Super Ice Golem: Has a wintry aura that slows everything in its radius of effect, like an ice wizard.


Super headhunter: In addition to poisoned blades, uses a poisonous smoke bomb at the start that poisons heroes and cc troops as well as blocks enemy defenses. Enemy defenses in the smoke can only target troops inside the smoke and defenses outside the smoke cannot target troops inside the smoke due to blocked vision. Smoke does not damage defenses. After smoke is deployed, uses poisoned blades like normal headhunter. Will deploy smoke when engaging heroes or CC troops only.


Crazy Catapult / Tactical Trebuchet: fixed siege like siege barracks. Throws rocks at defenses causing damage similar to stone slammer. Loses health like the log launcher

Ominous Onager: Moves towards townhall but similar to tactical trebuchet. Does wide but low splash damage. Loses health like log launcher

Brutal Ballista: Another fixed siege like tactical trebuchet but fires a straight projectile like super archers. Good for clearing a corner.

Trojan horse: is ignored by enemy defenses, cc and heroes and can scale walls but has a very limited time

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  1. Potential-Square-69

    Nice! I don’t think that super siege machines will exist, but I love your ideas!

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  3. Green-Inkling

    i had a similar idea for Super Hog. instead of leaping over walls the Super Hog would ram through them.

  4. -------kovh

    I love the super miner idea. Its the only one i could realistically see them adding into the game and people using


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