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[ASK] With a Hyper-Rushed TH13 which hero should be #1 Upgrade Priority?

[ASK] With a Hyper-Rushed TH13 which hero should be #1 Upgrade Priority?

Im making a hyper-rushed TH13 (level 1 defenses, simply building what’s necessary to upgrade to next TH, while dumping extra builders into collectors and army upgrades when they are available. When i get to TH13, what should my upgrade priority be? Naturally ill unlock both abilities ASAP and likely have 2+ heroes down at a time, but in the likely scenario that i only have enough DE for 1

Ive never been TH13 before, i have a near maxed TH11 and a maxing account thats currently TH10, so im unfamiliar with TH13 strategy and RC usage

Also threw in BK/GW for shits N Giggles

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    keeping 4 down, especially when they are low level, is pretty easy actually.

    I’m unrushing an all level 1 stuff account now, heros are 35/35/20/10 ish now, im dumping all my books and hammers into the warden. Which sounds pretty weird but heres my reasoning. I’m not going to war on this account for a LOOOOOONG time. The RC will finish first just because she has the fewest levels, and thats a builder that becomes available for defenses fastest. The warden will finish next for the same reason, and I just want that builder free for other stuff. I’ve made that decision to wait until my heros are maxed to do anything with them, so it makes sense to me to do it that way. Also that frees up more elixir for walls but at the rate im moving now Im not sure i’ll even need that.

  2. iClone101

    Royal Champion > Archer Queen > Grand Warden > Barbarian King

    With that being said, don’t go for a level 20 RC while having a level 1 AQ. You want to keep all your heroes, even your BK, within similar level ranges of each other.

  3. Lou_xf

    Rc> queen

  4. TherealCpu1

    Hey TurdFurgeson, I voted for RC, but really if you grind for about 6-8 months with the gold pass you can max heroes no problem. If you are looking for a video on how to grind massive amounts of dark elixir I made one myself here. It’s about 10 minutes I think you would learn a lot from it. Good luck with the grind 🙂


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