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  1. The base isn’t very good but that only really matters in war. Generally low level farming, your base quality isn’t going to affect you too much. Reasons why it’s not a good base:

    1. donut pathing is ideal for troops. would get rekt by hogs
    2. 2. mortars protected for no reason. wasted walls by army camps. overall inefficient use of walls and compartments, resulting in that massive ring core comp surrounding the core, which provides access to the entire base.
    3. defense placement is random, random won’t defend. for example, sweepers and ads aren’t structured in such a way that the attacker has to choose between coming against multiple ads protected by a sweeper or facing multiple ads on backend which is more dps with the buffer of high hp buildings inbetween.
    4. poor trap placement. most wont ever trigger. between defenses please. you wont defend hogs if your springs aren’t 100% triggers.
    5. free healzone with the bomb tower by the bomb

  2. As someone who uses the GoWiPe+Hogs combo for my TH8, this base is a godsend. King and clan castle are together which means I can get rid of them at once with the Gowipe portion with ease. Then, the bomb tower and a giant bomb are together. That’s good healing spell value for the hogs. This base would go down quickly. Don’t use it for war. As a home base it really doesnt matter as much as long as you gain more loot than you are looted.

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