When you reach a new th level, you unlock all sorts of new troops and with it op strats as well. I am fairly new to this game, seeing that I only started playing this game a few months ago only. I m a max th8 right now but I still haven’t really got the hang of goho, GoWipe, govaho, strats like that as I have only been using dragloon throughout my th8 experience. Do I have to learn each of the given strats as each new th level before I go on to the next th level or do I just not learn any of the other strats? Feel free to drop any kind of advice down in the comments and thanks you!

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  1. Feel free to completely ignore valks. They are ok, but almost nobody uses them these days. They are too inconsistent imo.

    GoWiPe is sort of outdated for th9+. It isn’t as strong as some other strategies.

    And as to GoHo, it’s one of the strongest strategies for th8-10. But then again, you can ignore it for a while, and return to it as a th9. You will have to relearn it anyway, just because th9 attacks are quite different from th8 attacks (because of the queen).

    In the end, you play to have fun, and if you really like dragon attacks, you can stick with them all the way to th13. Knowing a lot of different strategies is sure useful for wars, but most players use only 1-2 armies and still 3-star often. In fact, it’s usually better to be really good with 1 strategy than it is to be mediocre at all of them.

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