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  1. Some traps need to be moved. Small bombs and troll teslas are fine outside, but most often, spring traps and air bombs should be inside. Air sweeper is pointed in the wrong direction.

  2. 0/10 due to the placement of everything being completely random. random doesn’t = defenses. sweeper is one of the strongest defenses and is wasted pointed at nothing. all other traps are randomly placed and wasted. that alone guarantees a 3star for any experienced attacker. the buildings inside are also randomly placed, and theres direct pathing into the core of the base. not to mention many wasted walls such as the elixir comp at 11;30. bk exposed, easy = easy king trade and hog. pre much any strat would wreck this base. if youre interested in learning basebuilding, i recommend you check out this helpful guide. do note that its tiered for war building. farm bases dont really matter too much, so in that regard youre prolly fine. just dont use it for war.


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