I considered putting this under the rant tag, cause it’s gotten me a bit heated. The archers spawned by the archer queens ability should also be invisible. It doesn’t break the game, doesn’t break the lore, and is literally the same things as the kings ability raging the barbarians.

Why do I ask this? Because before th13, we had only wizard towers and mortars for splash damage. But then came the scattershot. As soon as the queen spawns an archer next to her, the scattershot targets that and pummels the archer Queen anyway. The whole principle around the queens ability is to give her a timeframe where she’s not invulnerable, but invisible. The archers not being invisible completely negates this ability in terms of the scattershot, which is one of the most powerful defenses at this point.

We’ve changed things before. With enough attention, we can change this too!

TLDR: make the queens archers invisible so the queen doesn’t get railed by the scattershot targeting her little girls

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  1. bomb tower: am I a joke to you

    Anyways, kings barbarians are also raged so idk why archers aren’t invisible

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