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Does Movement Speed Really Matter in Clash of Clans?

Does Movement Speed Really Matter in Clash of Clans?

Does Movement Speed really matter in Clash of Clans?

We all know that rage spell is beast and maybe one of the best spell in Clash of Clans. But what about its child? Haste Spell? While rage spell provide boost on movement speed and damage. This spell with half the housing space provide half boost too. It only boost movement speed. But does movement speed really matter in Clash of Clans?

Today I’m gonna conduct some experiment to reveal the truth about movement speed in Clash of Clans. Does increasing your troops movement speed really impact their performance against defense building? We gonna try boost troops movement speed from the slowest troop up to the fastest troop. We gonna see how movement speed boost by haste spell affect slow troop and fast troop. Do fast troops need to be boosted? Or it’s just become overkill that it doesn’t affect troops performance? We all know that boosting slow troops maybe a good idea but how great is the effect?
Okay so we’re done testing it on defense. Now what about some traps? Actually I’m gonna use all traps in Clash of Clans in this test. Can haste spell save them from deadly trap? Maybe if the troop move fast enough they can avoid all those trap. We gonna see how haste spell impact troops performance against traps.
I wonder myself, is there any speed limit in Clash of Clans? Or what is the maximum movement speed in Clash of Clans? Can we make troops move as fast as supersonic aircraft? Like a blink of an eye fast? We gonna find out if there is maximum movement speed in Clash of Clans.
I also testing some trivial function of movement speed. In the end, does movement speed in Clash of Clans really that matter? Should I consider haste spell more than other spell? Is boosting movement speed is really that impactful to troops performance? We gonna see and you decide by yourself is it worth investing more on boosting troops movement speed.

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