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[MISC] Youtuber Fadhil Gaming cheating community

[MISC] Youtuber Fadhil Gaming cheating community


This is my experience with cheating in CoC.

Youtuber Fadhil Gaming with 8K subs is a big part of a cheating community. Mosly Arabs and Africans. They are using a third party tool to track and destroy winning streaks. They are in clan that you did previous wars againt then they matchup and can practice all they won’t on stolen bases. We were on a 115 winning streak when we match against them and the previous clan they meet had a 98 win streak and a perfect war log.

During the war I had against them I was actually invited to talk in a new clan and I don’t know why they told me so much about what they were doing since it’s against ToS. He said alot of stuff like the next week they were going to hunt 30+ win streaks.

It’s okay for me to be hunted, but not when they take the advantage like they did. I knew I was gonna be perfected before the war started. I would actually guess that they are modders too when they are able to behave like this.

It’s an easy solution for me. Delete their clans, ban their accounts and give clans back their win streak, This must be a huge problem in CoC. I didn’t actually know about win streak hunters and they was so dumb to tell me. I perfected them back, but lost our win streak.

Clan that I lost win streak to: #2YR8GG2UC

Fadhil Gaming “main?” clan: #JQG9QYYC

Another one: #28RY2U9UG

Fadhil Gaming Youtube channel: [](

Fadhil Gaming instagram: [](

Some of Fadhil Gaming’s accounts: th13(#88L9G2Y8G), th11(#YY80RPYV)(#8CR9PUGUU)(#8YURQJJUL), th10(#P0RLV08LV)(#YLPP90YJL)(#UU9GC8UJ)(#UU9GC8UJ)(#9C8PVYPY8)(#9RJ9VLLUJ)(#9RJ9VLLUJ), th9(#YCQPG80CQ)(#P80J8Q0LJ)(#P2889P0YG).

The guy that I talked to accounts: #80GLJCYQC, #P9998RPCY

They are doing this only to ruin the game for others. I’m done with the game if Supercell doesn’t do anything now when they know. I’ll post an update later.

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