I’ve played Clash of Clans for years now, and it’s a common rule not to rush your town hall, but why? Rushing gives you access to better pumps, mines, and storages, which can help you get loot more quickly to upgrade things. And as for the builder base, you get access to new defenses, which will give you a major advantage in duels.

I’m currently at town hall 10, and elixir is completely useless to me since I don’t have anymore upgrades that require elixir. I only have to upgrade my heroes to level 40 and my traps. At this point, should I just upgrade my town hall, or should I max out my base first?

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  1. Not to Mindlessly rush is what the rule should be. Doing that type of rushing becomes more and more difficult to play and makes you feel hopeless you’ll ever unrush it. Also there’s not much fun to it at least for me.

    Then There’s strategic rushing which you can find a guide to in the side bar of this sub. It’s a lot better and kinda fun.

    Also with the builder base most people rush it. There’s real no down side to it.

  2. Strategically rushing like doing lab and heroes before defenses somehow or just doing a war army and heroes then upgrading. Literally no downside in builder base because loot varies on trophies for some stupid reason… anyways elixir upgrades are what I normally finish then gold but then I’m left to grind DE towards end of the town hall, rushing heroes generally hurts you so I wouldn’t recommend it

  3. I’ve found sneaky goblins help with upgrades so if you rush I would try and get them as soon as possible. I’m a rushed th13 (went from max th8 to th13) and have upgraded 180 walls at 250k each (45mil loot) in under a week. Have fun with the game and play it how you like ?

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