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  1. With really low defenses and single target towers, mass witch (witch slap) seems a very reasonable option. If you can get a log launcher, come in on the DE drill in the middle of the southwest side.

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  3. An interesting strategy to try on this base could be a super wiz bomb in the middle of the base there. Use a wall wrecker and get it to the middle with the golem to tank before popping it and unleashing the super wiz. Heal, two clones, and a rage on them to go off like a nuke in the middle of the base, as well as poison spells for the cc and queen. Sui the last air defense, followed up by maybe some baby drags for the outside. Also bring some loons for the single.

    Army comp: 12 loons, 1 golem, 15 baby drags

    Spells: 2 clone, 1 rage, 1 heal, 1 poison

    CC: Wall Wrecker, 3 super wiz, poison

  4. Just QC miners or hybrid don’t know how you need help for a base as rushed as this. Looks like a th9 could 3 star it.

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