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[STRATEGY] Any ideas? My mind cant work on this ç_ç

[STRATEGY] Any ideas? My mind cant work on this ç_ç

I’ve been thinking about it all day, but I can’t figure out a way to be sure I’ll 3-star it. Probably there’ll be an electro dragon in the cc: just guessing the worst case scenario, 30 spaces and their #1 is TH 13.

[Here’s what i got](

Got 30 spaces for cc donation.

Any suggestion?

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  1. zl_CHANNERZ_lz

    4 PEKKAS, 8-10 giants, 4 wall breakers, a hog rider, a ton of wizards, and fill the rest with archers.

    As for spells I’d bring 3 rages, 1 jump, 1 heal and 1 poison (idk how much housing space that would be but if it goes over remove the heal spell)

    Drop your hog on the top left army camp to lure out the cc troops, then drop an archer on the elixir collector on the left wing, and wait until the they get to her. Drop the poison and a couple wizards to take it out. After that’s taken care of, attack from the left wing. Put a giant on each army camp with a wizard behind it to destroy it (used as a funnel). Then spread the rest of the giants in an arc from the 2 dark barracks. Then use the wall breakers to break the tip of the left wing and drop in your PEKKAS, 2 on each dark barrack, then the other 2 where the wall breakers went. Along with them drop your king and queen. Drop a rage on the wizard tower when they get inside, and put the jump spell where the hidden Tesla is (the open compartment where the aq, cc, etc. are). Drop your 2nd rage on the town hall, and then clean up from there with the rest of your wizards/archers. Use the rest of your spells wherever you see fit, and I hope you get that 3 star!

  2. JulioToolio

    Witch slap , bowler and freeze or poison in cc


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