So I maxed out all my buildings and walls in TH9. In Lab, I have One Level of the following troops pending: 1. Goblin 2. Valk 3. Minion 4. Haste 5. Earthquake

Hero’s are at 20 and 20 each for King and Queen. That means 10 level more for completely maxed level of TH9.

Should I be upgrading my TH right now? Or get more levels of hero’s done as well as Lab upgrades. My Storage’s are full and I only need to collect Dark Elixir.

Could I get some reviews and help, I will appreciate it… thanks a lot ? cheers ? !!

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  1. I would say Wait to max your heroes and learn new attack strategy’s to get prepared for th10 as you carry over many if strats like lalo, witchslap etc. If you feel bored however I say wait until your heroes are lvl 25 then upgrade.

  2. You can to th10 with lower heroes. The addition of sieges and th13 troops makes war 3 stars easy. If you’re farming as soon as you are wasting resources you should be upgrading.

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