Hi everyone I wanted to know peoples opinion in what qualities you look for in a leader and what has been your best or worst leader experience!

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  1. 21+. I know I’m going to get some hate for that but from personal experience u can tell that a mismanaged clan is probably ran by an 11 year old that spams attack in the clan chat even though they don’t attack in wars and promotes whoever zapdrags the best to co leader just to do the dirty work of building up the clan instead of putting in the work themselves to build up the clan.

    Other good qualities are: follows the rules they made, has a consistent standard on who should get league bonuses and will forfeit the bonus if they didn’t meet the standard, good donation ratio, and obviously is active or atleast setup co leads that are active when they can’t be.

  2. I may not be the best person to answer as I’ve never been a leader. However, the one thing to make me stay in a clan, is the sense of community, you can’t have a leader who doesn’t care much about his clanmates. In my experience, what makes a good leader, is someone who cares about the clanmates improving more than where they start. They need to treat people as people, not just random ai. Be genuine, and friendly.

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