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[RANT] E-drag spammers and one housing space Lightning’s continue to ruin the game

[RANT] E-drag spammers and one housing space Lightning’s continue to ruin the game

I’ve been playing clash for about 8 years (no where near consistently the entire time) and am currently quite close to maxing th 12. I’ve seen many strategies fall in and out of the meta, but nothing has continually frustrated me more then watching 70% of war attacks simply be dragons and Edrags thrown down haphazardly for an easy triple. The single housing space, concentrated damage of the new lightning spell has made it so at town halls 9 and 10, it seems extremely difficult to find a reason to use anything else since it’s so easy to use and triple with on the majority of bases. At town halls 11-13, I consistently see a vast amount of players spam down e drags and call it a day, but can still obtain triples. In conclusion, the power of edrags and the new lightning spell destroy all incentive for players to learn any other strategy, and cause the game to feel very bland and boring.

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  1. HoughtonMatt

    Maybe you and your clan mates could try to make your bases more air-resistant? I always get hit by ground because my air defence is solid

  2. tysontysontyson1

    I don’t know. I haven’t been tripled by an air attack (or used one) in a LONG time.

  3. DragonVIPERman

    Not at all. E drags continue to suck when spammed. All you need is a base layout that screws them over. I’ve seen e drags rise and fall over and over again. It’s literally spam, defend it.

  4. harassercat

    Easy triple? I understand your frustration but my frustration is seeing my clan mates getting 1 or 2 stars again and again with mindless e-drag spam. I do agree that it’s overused and misused. I lean towards dragon spam myself simply because ground attacks can be quite hard and stressful with all the ways they can go wrong.

  5. Alabama-Getaway

    I’ll agree with the other posts. If you’re getting tripled at th11,12,13 by equal TH edrag spam you either have a really bad base or are rushed. It’s a safe 2 star. We do use dragbat at th11 often and it’s strong.

  6. NotAReditteR83

    Easy triple with edrag spamm ? You should rethink your base layout, this should never happend. E drag is a lazy strategy, consistent for the stars but terrible for the perfect

  7. Knautical_J

    E-Drags are countered with a good base design. You could easily prevent a two star with a base that breaks up the E-Drags chain attack. With the slow movement of Dragons and their slower attack. Having them destroy one building and keep moving will make them susceptible to attacks from defenses. But then that opens up your base to other attacks that would 3 Star it. But most attacks are E-Drags so your base gets skipped a lot. I haven’t been legitimately attacked in regular in like 4 days because I use my loot on walls and my base layout prevents dragons. Then in war I’m like NEVER attacked because my base is anti-EDrag and most people have no clue how to counter it. When I do get attacked I’ll let up like only 1 star. In the last CWL I was only attacked once, and it was a Zero Star against EDrags. Dude put them in the wrong spots, then panicked, and the ruined his attack.

  8. TheFavorite

    Edrags are a two star strat vs ths of their level. They can cap lowers.

    Theyre a noob friendly strat, and the game needs them. Not every player can be expected to sui golaloon using tech spells

  9. Octoberbroelite

    Do you want help making the anti e-drag spam base?

  10. v1adlyfe

    edrags are a safe 2 star. unless you are underleveled, rushed, or just have a shit base, you shouldnt be getting 3 starred by air spam strats other than dragbat or maybe blizzard dragbat.

    This is just a meme post to me. either learn how to design anti air spam bases, or keep crying i guess.


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