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## Upcoming Balance Changes and Bug Fixes

Hey Chief,

In the next week we will be introducing some balance changes based on player feedback and data, as well as a couple of visual bug fixes.

**Here are the balance changes that are coming:**

* Reduce Super Wizard chain damage from 60% to 40%
* Increase Bomb level 9 damage from 112 to 125
* Increase Super Archer level 9 HP from 500 to 510
* Adjust Warden priority to follow Log Launcher and Battle Blimp to reduce the chance of him following them in a deadly run towards the Town Hall.

**Visual changes:**

* Fixed the initial projectile coordinate of the Geared-Up Archer Tower
* Fix level 11 Air Defense hit effect

In balancing Clash of Clans, our intention is to create unique and desirable, but not overpowered units. When introducing new Super Troops, our aim is to always ensure it provides some utility in-game; this includes making sure the unit is balanced while still remaining enjoyable. We truly appreciate the feedback we have received from the Community!

As a reminder, because the maintenance will be implementing game-related changes this means all replays will be wiped as well. Keep an eye on our announcements for when we will be implementing the announced changes.[https://imgur.com/UL9wUxS](https://imgur.com/UL9wUxS)

**Clash on!**

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