Today we gonna see something special! This is time for another epic speedrun! This speedrun is not about troops but today we gonna try to speedrun destroy level 1 defense formation. Let’s see who’s gonna be the quickest to destroy this defense formation.

Even tho this is just level 1 defense formation it’s not a joke. It literally contains all defense in clash of clans excluding town hall giga inferno. This defense formation have inferno tower even scattershot which is one of the strongest defense in Clash of Clans. The reason why I use level 1 defense formation is because it’s more fair to every troops. I mean PEKKA probably doing just fine with max level defense formation but it will be different for cheaper troops like barbarian, goblin or archer even giants. So I think level 1 defense formation is pretty good standard for every troops and we gonna use max housing space (300 housing space) and max level troops in this speedrun so this is gonna be pretty quick. The layout of this defense formation is tested and I found this presented layout is the best to resist big troops or swarm troops.

Every troops will participating in this speedrun. From barbarian to super witch, everyone will get their round. The fastest troop gonna win this speedrun and become undisputed champion of level 1 defense speedrun. PEKKA, Golem, even Super Troops will competing to be the fastest troops to defeat this formation.

Who’s gonna win this speedrun?
Barbarian? Wizard? Dragon? Super Wizard?
Let’s see and enjoy!

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