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[IDEAS] Make it blue

[IDEAS] Make it blue

@u/Darian_coc Ok,
here is to say that the Balance changes are alright.
But there is one thing that is bothering me.
And that is the airsweeper. We ll know air is pretty strong at the Moment such as Ice Lalo Zapdrag etc.
Estheticly the airsweeper needs some adjustments especialy since it didnt get updated since th11 release. Now with TH12 and TH13 having unice artstyles and Designs wouldnt it be cool to actually have the airsweeper getting blue and icy colors?
Maybe it is just me and I understand it is incredible difficult to Balance but maybe just give it one Level to conclude the Blue theme once and for all.
And again this is my opinion and everyone has their own.

Thats it for now

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  1. DragonVIPERman

    True the thing is max at th11 lol

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