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[MISC] How should I go about attacking this base? (I’m TH10)

[MISC] How should I go about attacking this base? (I’m TH10)

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  1. sam_munhim

    If your queen is at at least 35, I’d recommend the queen walk. 4 healers, 5 wall breakers to help queen get into the ring, a golem, 10 or 11 wizards couple of archers and rest valkyries. 2 rages, 2 heals and 1 jump. Take an ice golem and ballons in the cc along with a wall wrecker. Start from the bottom of the base deploying queen at the gold mine. All healers behind her then see the path she takes. Do use the wall breakers in pairs to open up the walls there to let the queen in. Use rage on the queen and healers when queen is taking alot of damage. Then depending on the side the queen walks to deploy the golem on the left or right away from the queen’s path followed by as few wizards as needed to create a funnel. Then use the wall wrecker to go into the base from the middle and do keep a freeze in the cc for enemy cc troops. Throw some wizards behind the wall wrecker followed by the king. As soon as you see a oath for valkyries to go in, delpoy them all. Use heal and rage wisely on large groups of troops. Use the jump on the opposite of the wall wrecker side. That’s how I would have gone, my main strategy at TH 10


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