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[HWYA] New- ish TH 12 with pretty high lvl troops, AQ 54 BK 44 W 20 ID – #92J2QQ9G

[HWYA] New- ish TH 12 with pretty high lvl troops, AQ 54 BK 44 W 20 ID – #92J2QQ9G

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  1. ChasetheAce_UW

    I’ve been using blizzard dragons at th12 with a lot of success. A blizzard can get you the town hall, both xbows and the archer towers at 6 using a rage and 3 invisibility spells. Then you can send in the dragons and loons into the 3 to 4 side and pop your warden over the single inferno and the enemy queen. Your heroes can walk down the 3 to 1 oclock side to keep the dragons in the core of the base. I usually bring 3 invisibility, 3 rage, a heal, and 2 freeze.

    If you don’t have access to a super wizard blimp you can zap out the single and send your dragons in at 5ish to go for the town hall. Your warden can be used to get through the xbows, town hall, and air defenses and the heroes can funnel the 9 oclock side. Only problem I see with that is the sweeper so you could bring 2 extra lightning spells and zap it out.

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