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[GUIDE] New TH10

[GUIDE] New TH10

Best upgrade order for TH10?

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  1. TxLady56

    Heros, troops, camps, barracks, collectors, storages, walls, traps

  2. ChasetheAce_UW

    Heroes are super important at th10 so definitely prioritize them. CC is one of the most important as well because you can request siege machines which are a huge boost to your gameplay. On my th10 I just upgraded baby dragons and have been using mass baby dragons to farm and it works so well! Upgrading your farming army first (after upgrading the lab itself) and your army camps can help you get more loot per attack. So I used DE for my heroes, elixir for army camps, barracks (only one at a time), and lab, and gold to catch up the new defenses (once caught up I upgraded inferno towers to help on defense).

    I hope this helped and if you have any questions feel free to ask πŸ™‚


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