Whether you have a youtube channel, a twitch steam, a podcast, or just an Clash of Clans dedicated Instagram – this is your opportunity to let us know who you are and why we should check out your content. Drop some links and introduce yourself to the community.


We’d also like take this time to clarify some things about self promotion on the subreddit moving forward. The mods would love to see you succeed, and we’d love to help you do that, but we need something from you as well – **participation**. We want to help redditors with youtube channels, not be an advertising space for youtubers with a token reddit account. Simply posting links and asking for subscribers, watermarking irrelevant pictures, or directing conversation away from the site will continue to be removed under our self-promo guidelines found in the rules [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashOfClans/wiki/external_content). That stuff is essentially an ad, and not allowed.

What we would like to see, is content directed at the reddit userbase, and for you to participate in the discussions here with our users. If you create a guide, stick around and answer questions in the comments. Give advice and suggestions to other redditors not only on your posts, but throughout the community. We are much more… flexible, about this kind of self promotion.

Some good examples of the types of interactions between content creators and the sub are linked here:

1. /u/trampledamage ‘s Log Launcher post.

2. /u/sirclashalot_ ‘s VERY indepth Blizzard Lalo Guide www.reddit.com/r/ClashOfClans/comments/kq9cm2/guide_blizzard_lalo_guide/

3. /u/idainre ‘s multi town hall Pekka BoBat guide

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