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  1. alfecskonu

    That’s my clanmate… He maxed th 10 with all the things then he bored and he stayed at th11 just for 2 weeks and th 12 is just 1 month. He ruined his base.

  2. Minted-Blue

    I’m having way more fun in my rushed th12 donation account than my main account

  3. Green-Largo

    My first acct was started in the first year of coc and I rushed it cluelessly. Th10 first while everything else was left at or near level 1. The only things not level 1 were whatever needed to be higher to support a th upgrade, but other than that things were left as they were and I only focused on th upgrades. At the time th10 was the highest and I got there. And then it took me literally years of getting beat up by other clashers in order to fix that.

    But Im much better now. 😄✌️

  4. razorpineleaf1

    Cough cough, couldn’t be me.On a serious note,my rush wasn’t that bad.


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