Given that for troops and spells there is the queue mechanic, I would love to see a similar thing for heroes, as whenever I casually log in to do 2 attacks it is a bit annoying to wait for the heroes to heal.

Therefore, I would propose a “regeneration potion” that would substitute the current heal mechanic, which would have the following attributes:

* There is a regeneration potion in each hero altar that fills for free in the same time as the current hero healing time (e.g. the regeneration potion of a lvl 50 BK would fill in 30′)
* When the potion is completely filled, the hero regenerates
* If the hero is already healed, the potion would stay filled until you use the hero in a battle
* If your hero is knocked in an attack, it would consume the regeneration potion and this would start filling again
* If you use the hero in a battle and doesn’t loose all it’s HP, the hero would consume the proportional part of the potion to regenerate, thus the potion would take less to fill again

Essentially, this mechanic would work exactly as a “hero queue” so you don’t have to wait every time you use your heroes – you would be able to use them once right after an attack.


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