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[ASK] What is the theoretical highest trophies for each TH level?

[ASK] What is the theoretical highest trophies for each TH level?

If someone was dedicated enough, how high could, for example, a TH4 could pus trophies. This might be marked as low effort, but I’m genuinely curious.

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  1. UncleDevil666

    Th2 – crystal 1 (already done)

    Th3 – master 2 (already done)

    Th4 – champion 1 (already done)

    Th5 – titan 3 (already done)

    Th6 – legend [5001] (already done)

    Th7 – legend [5088] (already done)

    Th8 – legend [5067] (already done)

    Th9 – legend [5107] (already done)

    Th10 – legend [5130] (already done)

    Th 11 – legend [5244] (already done)

    Th12 – legend [5565] (already done)

    Th13 – legend [6500+] (already done)

    The world record for trophy pushing is 8000+ (at that time nothing such as legend league existed, the dude just attacked a lot. The game was very different from now so that’s why he is not counted {most probably he was th11})

  2. ByWillAlone

    There are documented accounts of every town hall level at or above TH3 making it to legends (5000), which is proof of why trophy level is meaningless when evaluating or comparing progression or skill.

    5000 to 5100 is possible for TH12 for brief periods of time if you are lucky.

    Above 5100 is only realistic for TH13.

  3. Lou_xf



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