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[Ask] Clan war spying

[Ask] Clan war spying

Is spying in clan wars fair or not.

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  1. CongressmanCoolRick

    Totally fair, you are choosing to let them in to spy. Thats on you. Its so insanely easy to prevent, I don’t feel bad for anyone that gets spied on.

  2. Never_Nine

    Back in my day people didn’t know what spys were. We’d send a few guys over, maybe when people would ask for war donations they’d purposely send lower level than what they asked for. Granted this was maybe four years ago, people have wised up slightly so I think it’s harder to do innit. I say let em spy because of how hard it is to do now.

  3. sxzm

    It’s not illegal but it’s pretty scummy

  4. AdmiralFluffyPants

    One of my most hated aspects of CoC since 2014. Illegal is a bad choice of words, but I 100% think people who do this are very large pieces of shit. Maybe it’s because I’ve been involved in sports my whole life and played one professionally, but good sportsmanship has always been important to me, even in games.

    There are zero excuses why SC still allows this in regular wars. They fixed it for CWL, they can fix it for regular wars.

  5. Matt7548

    Neither. It shouldn’t be illegal, but its kinda a douchebag thing to do imo

  6. jus_plain_me

    Unless you are promoted to elder or are in the roster itself, you cannot see the roster or the war base layout. So spying is not possible.

    This has been the case since the march 2020 update.

    Edit: this is only for cwl so ignore me.


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