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  1. After the war, please post a screenshot or replay with your result in the comments of this post. Tag the person that gave the advice to let them know how it went!

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  2. An easy way to do it would be log launcher or wall wrecker from the right side with a queenwalk to take down the 3 air defences and then swarm the left side with dragons. Rage them over the last air defense and freeze the single infernos. Also let queen lure cc before dropping dragons

  3. Could have decent success with goho, I think. 28 hogs, 2 golems, 9 wiz, 2 archers, 2 gobs. 4 heal, a rage, 2 poison. Wallwrecker with 3 lighting wiz and a giant.

    Bring in golems wide on either side of cannon at 11. Hit the buildings around and with wiz (Just 3 on each side) then WW with heroes just behind. Keep eyes on WW until it gets ready to break then rage/heal cc wiz.

    I’d bring hogs in at 7 after then monitor them with heals since there are a few areas for giant bombs.

    I’d only run it if you’re comfortable with hogs though, they can die quick if you aren’t keeping an eye on them.

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