[GUIDE] Infographic on base development I made for my clan mates (assumes 5 builders)

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2 Thoughts to “[GUIDE] Infographic on base development I made for my clan mates (assumes 5 builders)”

  1. Thym3Travlr

    Sure but this doesn’t factor in a lot of things, the key thing being magic items. Nice graph though 🙂

  2. TheFavorite

    **A couple of notes from OP:** This did not include the additional levels for Xbow, Giant, and Wizard that were added late last year. So TH13 is a bit longer than represented. It did include the reduction in DE troop upgrade duration from the fall.

    I like how well this illustrates just how long lab takes. Without the use of magical items, you will always have to choose between idle builders and a somewhat rushed laboratory.

    Here is some prescriptive guidance we can draw from this graphic:

    1. If your goal is to be completely maxed in both lab and base, CWL medals should really be used for Hammers of Fighting. At Th12, a 14 day lab upgrade is the equivalent of 70 “builder days.” A TH12 in Crystal 1+ can expect to buy two hammers per month, essentially doubling their speed of lab development.
    2. A max th11 is essentially “halfway” through the game. TH9 and TH10 have the worst lab bottlenecks, so they should always plan to rush lab a bit and catch up later. I advise any and all players to hoard CWL medals until they are able to spend them on TH11+ lab upgrades (IF MAXING IS YOUR GOAL).
    3. In terms of speeding up lab, the game’s primary bottleneck, a gold pass user can expect to reduce lab by about 5 days (15-18% of 30) using the perk reduction and and and an additional 14-28 days using books. This means you essentially receive 19-33 free bonus lab days per month. If you throw in 2 lab hammers and a free event/cg book, you can actually triple the speed of lab development at TH12+. This just shows the power of magical items on the lab in particular.

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