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  1. Logically speaking, it should be B. But then again, the queen doesn’t always think logically, so might as well be something else. That gap in the walls kind of confuses me, I barely attacked bases like this. So I might be wrong about it.

  2. Bro, I used to do thing similar to this with my clan to teach them troop pathing (much simpler examples tho)! So awesome that you made this.

    Tricky example. My thought process:

    1. Apply rule of 3. What are the 3 closest buildings per a straight line distance (disregarding walls) to the queen? –> A, B and C. Without breaking out Pythagoras theorem, I think these are closest.

    2. From these 3 targets, which target requires the least effort (distance moved) for the troop to get to? The queen has to step beyond the wall to get any of the 3 targets as per step 1, and I believe the air defence is the building that requires the least effort for the troop to get to. –> B

    If I remember correctly, this AI process is correct. Someone feel free to correct me. Can’t wait to see how others do it!

    Final answer: B for Bob

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