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  1. Yikes find a way to get super wiz…
    I don’t use super witches but I would do blizzard la lo since the infernos are multi and the xbows are ground

  2. After the war, please post a screenshot or replay with your result in the comments of this post. Tag the person that gave the advice to let them know how it went!

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  3. Drop a blimp with suepr wizards in the gold storage by the south scatter, with. 1 rage and 4 invis, you should take out 2 infernos, eagle, and a scatter,
    On the south west AD you can drop a yeti in that gap, and the mies will either jump to the AD, or drop 3 loons after to grab it, pull out the cc and lure it to the sui part on the north east gap in the base, where heroes will take out an AD and the cc.

    Now you can start your lalo from the backside of that sweeper, only targets left are all near the th, so a couple well places freezes, hastes, and warden ability should crush it. Take advantage of the gaps in the base, and bring cleanup

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