[ASK] Is it worth it to drop trophies?

I’m currently th10 and Champion III, with only my heroes, dark troops, and walls not being maxed.
When I’m searching for an attack, I mostly face either th11s who are too goof for me, or I find easy targets but without loot. Is it a good option to drop trophies, and if yes, to what league?

P.S. I use zapdrags, but I dont think that matters

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7 Thoughts to “[ASK] Is it worth it to drop trophies?”

  1. SSlayaa

    I’m just chilling in crystal 3 with baby drags and lightning spells. Definitely worth it. I can fill all my storages quickly

  2. lando_rickets69

    Drop to Crystal 2 or maybe 1 the loot bonus in master isn’t worth staying there and having to use high level troops and when I was th10 my storages were never empty in Crystal
    In short for loot fuck yeah go for it

  3. doguapo

    Sounds like your priority is loot. Loot bonus is great, but overall loot availability tapers down significantly the higher up you go. Barching in lower leagues is always the win for loot, but get used to losing trophies. When you dip too low, go back to zapdrags to push back up to a comfortable place.

  4. SuperGolem_HEAL

    Until you’re max barch like a mad man in Crystal leagues. That’s my basic advice. Gem barracks and smash it out. Drop trophies when you get too high after a day

  5. cameron999v

    Hell yeah its worth it , you find a lot of inactive bases with tons of loot to grab

  6. My100thTime

    I usually go around gold league and find basses with at least 400k-500k elixir and gold and sometimes 700-800k more commonly, I just use mass baby dragon and lighting spell

  7. Night_walker_27

    Float from gold 1 to crystal 3. Best for loot. Doing it for more than 2 months now. If u start get less loot in crystal 3, move to gold 1 and vice versa. You will get a lot of dead bases here. 600-700k gold and elixir each with 4k+ dark. I use 6 wiz, 36 miners, 5 heal, 1 freeze to attack. Storages are always full. I have farmed a max of 90K dark in one day.

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