I have played Clash for a long time on and off for a few years now, and have spent a long amount of time on my account (almost max th10), I noticed someone else had gotten on to my account, and after realizing my email for my SC ID had been compromised, I quickly secured my email and contacted SC in hope my Supercell ID could be removed from all devices. They did this, however I then found out that I had to get an unlock code for the account, and so I contacted SC once more.

They responded, saying I had to provide 5 things: time and location of account creation, past devices of account, names of the account, why the account got compromised, and a screenshot of purchases.

As it was a long time ago, I do not know when or where the account was made, and as such said so.
I gave a list of all the devices I believe i have used for the last 2 years which I could remember, I gave the previous names of the account which I could remember, and I said why the account got compromised, I then said that I haven’t (as far as I’m aware) made any purchases for the account.

And what do I get?
Them saying that they “Could not confirm I was the original owner of my account” so I’m now perma locked from the game. Years of my life, wasted. So much time and grinding, just for Supercell to come and screw it all up. Thank you Supercell, for your great customer support!

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  1. This is a horrible situation, and I’m sorry that’s it’s happened to you. But let’s look at it from their side of things.

    Someone has just reported an account effectively being stolen, and they’ve locked the account. Then someone tries to regain access to that account, but cannot provide some of the details and the ones that are provided are quite likely wrong or missing bits. From their end, that is not enough to verify that you are indeed the correct owner of the account, can you see that? For all they know you could be the phisher which has just deduced some of the info and guessed the other stuff. How would you feel if instead of just losing those “years of your life”, supercell gave them to the phisher who provided similar sketchy information. You’d be pretty pissed off right? I completely agree their account recovery system has problems and could do with a rework, but in this situation I can see how they wouldn’t give you your account back. To add onto that, your email was compromised. That’s not supercells fault, they have nothing to do with the security of your email, that’s your responsibility. If your email was compromised and in turn your CoC account was phished than that is on you sorry, not supercell. The loss of “years of your life” is your fault and you shouldn’t blame Supercell for it. Sure they have the ability to recover it for you, but you were the reason it was lost in the first place.

    There’s still a chance you can get your account back, don’t give up yet. You can try and find out some of the details you didn’t have and try to recover it again. With the correct info you should be able to get your account back. Always make sure to contact them from a TH3 so you don’t lose any other accounts with significant progress on them.

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