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  2. You liked my last idea for a new Barbarian King ability so much that I decided to make another one! A lot of people said that my last ability is wildly unbalanced, so I spent more time thinking about balancing it out this time 🙂 But before you start reading my analysis:

    1. This is just a concept. Even if it’s unbalanced I just want to show the general idea of it.

    2. I’m not a game designer so this balancing may seem bad to you, but it’s just my opinion and calculations. Noone can tell if something is balanced or not without trying it out in-game.

    3. Last time a lot of you thought that I meant having 2 abilities at the same time, and I probably should have specified it in the title. My idea was to have 2 abilities that you can switch before battling, just like with the siege machines. Having 2 abilities at once would be extremely unbalanced.

    *Now, let’s get into the main topic!*


    Because of the long ability duration, the jump effect and healing every hit you might think that this is too op. But most stats of the iron fist ability (the ability we have in-game) are actually better. Let’s take a look at everything separately:


    This ability has a different healing system than others. Instead of instantly giving some heal your hero gets it every time he attacks. The ability duration is 12s and the king’s hit speed is 1.2s, so the max hits he can get is 10. That means at level 1 ability he can get 30×10=300hp, and at max level ability he can get 240×10=2400hp (every ability level gives +15hp/hit). It’s lower than the iron fist ability, which gives 500hp at level 1 and 4300hp at max, and your hero doesn’t have to attack to get the full heal!


    The damage buff in my ability is very small actually. In the iron fist ability it scales between 56 and 922, and here it’s just from 19 to 307 which is almost exactly 1/3 of the normal ability power.

    **Speed increase**

    The speed increase is the only thing with better stats. Battle fury increases the speed by 26 at level 1 and by 40 at max, while the iron fist’s speed increase is between 18 and 32. This statistic changes by 1 every level in both abilities.


    The main thing that is always hardest to balance out are the differences. The iron fist ability spawns a pack of barbarians to join the battle, while the battle fury allows your king to jump over the walls and prioritize defenses over other buildings while also being 2 seconds longer. Your pick depends on the situation, iron fist is excellent for funneling and hero diving while battle fury could take care of some annoying defenses if used well. But the ability to jump over walls is definitely better than 30 barbarians, and that’s why I lowered some other stats to not make this too op.

    And that should be it, this took some time so I hope you like the idea! If you have any thoughts then feel free to leave them in the comments to make my future ideas better 🙂

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