Last week I got banned for account phishing attempts for 31 days because I was trying to ‘steal’ my own account that I lost. Ok now I get that they are really strict about these rules and they banned me for the wrong answers I gave. But here is the thing; after my ban I somehow found the account’s info that was lost and logged in. Then I contact the support, from the account that I was ‘trying to steal’ explaining that I’m the same guy that got banned for trying to steal this account. They didn’t even reply. Then I wrote a ban appeal again, from a diffrent device but the same account, no reply again. I don’t understand why they don’t just unban me because by contacting them from the lost account litterally proving that its mine. At least they could reply and ask for more proof if they needed. Anything I can do to not wait 20 more days? (sorry for my grammar and stuff)

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  1. they’ll just keep on ignoring you, they changed it from permanent to 31 days just so they can continue banning people incorrectly and not deal with it by just making you wait it out.

  2. Iam not sure I understand the issue if you managed to get into the account?

    The ingame support is ridiculously awful most of the time. Pretty much every week someone complains about it here. I my self had a fully maxed th10 account robbed from me. When I swapped devices and couldn’t log in. Game them all the info they asked for and they just said they couldn’t find it and repeatedly closed any help tickets that I started.

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